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Android, iOS, or Both? Which Platform is Better?

Which Platform is Better – Android, iOS,or Both?

App Amy Mobile Marketing Group continuing series of Mobile Lead Generating tools that are going to skyrocket your career to the next level. Strong foundations and simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this hot market.

There is no question that the iOS platform is definitely more profitable for developers The iOS app approval process is much more strenuous than Android’s and does not necessarily give access to a larger audience or more flexibility in design.
The number of apps available on the Android platform is comparatively more than that on iOS. The total number of Android apps available stands at around 1.3 million, while there are about 1.2 million iOS apps available for download.
But don’t be fooled. These impressive statistics mask the fact that a large number of apps on both platforms is of very low quality or usefulness. Despite the fact that Apple is reputed to have stricter app guidelines, this does not necessarily mean that there are more “bogus” apps accessible through Android.

Moreover, it would not be easy to compare the platforms given the difficulty of both collecting a representative sample and of determining if an app is in fact “bogus.”
So, when deciding whether or not to develop for one platform or both, it almost certainly pays to do a bit of research. Some of the questions to consider are outlined below.
App Profitability. Continue reading

Mobile Searches Now Account for More than 60% of All Google Searches. What This Means to Realtors®

Mobile Searches Now Account for More than 60% of All Google Searches. What This Means to Realtors®

Most realtors are aware that their website must be mobile responsive. However, we have found that most realtors are not clear why. In one word, the reason is Mobilegeddon: If you would like to understand the benefits of a mobile responsive site, read this short article.

The amazing stellar growth and success of mobile devices and their use, is the primary reason that it is imperative that realtors understand how Google’s new algorithm directly impacts their website results, Mobile searches have clearly far outgrown desktop searches in recent times. According to Google, over 60% of all Google searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Moreover, the new Google algorithm, Mobilegeddon, is devised such that it gives a higher rank to mobile-friendly websites. Thus, a mobile phone has now become a crucial medium for marketing your business and capture more leads necessary to grow your business.

To stay current and relevant it is imperative that a realtor needs to embrace the changes necessary to leverage Google’s new algorithm, Mobilegeddon. What exactly should a realtor change to leverage Google’s new search algorithm? Continue reading

Want to win more clients? Now you can with your own mobile app

8 Ways to increase your client base

8 sure ways to increase your client base.

By Brian Kedersha

We can all agree that every big or small business ranging from barbershops, lawyers, dentist, doctors, real estate agents, etc., have one common goal: generate new clients or customers. Your reputation and marketing ability will be one of the strongest building blocks and foundations to growing your business. A mobile app will achieve this goal.

For example, placing yourself as an expert in the market, mixing passive, active marketing, networking, and, joining industry Facebook groups and forums and creating a service page, etc. is a great way to build new clients and equally important retain present clients and customers. Mobile apps have proven to be a great way to increase general client-scoring tasks. Using your own or company mobile app is one of the simplest and easiest ways to pitch your services and bring in new clients.

The basic foundation of building a stronger and bigger customer base starts with the following eight interesting ways to win clients with your own mobile app:

1. Let your satisfied customers share your mobile app

Encourage your existing clients to share your app information with others to increase your reach. Try sending out an email or text asking your existing clients to share your mobile app with other people who may benefit from your services. Sending a link via an email, to a website has been one way to communicate your message with your client base. A newer and far more effective method to communicate with your client base is by using your own mobile app. Mobile apps are easier for your clients to quickly open and read your message and take immediate action.Continue reading

New Marketing Tool, Are You Using GPS Geofencing Notifications? If Not You Are Missing Out On a Valuable New Marketing Tool

New Marketing Tool, Are You Using GPS Geofencing Notifications?

If you have a Personal or Business Mobile App you can and should be taking advantage of this new marketing opportunity to reach your customers. It is effortless and the results will astonish you.

Building an app for Android or iPhone that delivers GPS-Geofencing based mobile coupons or immediate notifications is an effective marketing tool that will produce new business. Now App Amy gives you GPS geofencing features that can send content whenever a customer enters or leaves a pre-defined area. Furthermore, it allows anyone to create an app that can send special offers and events to customers based on their location.

You can use GPS geofencing feature and/or your new personal mobile app to easily reward your clients by using the loyalty feature. Just released, a loyalty feature that you can set up that will encourage other agents that you work with to attend open houses or show your listings.

Your customers will receive notification on their iPhone or Android devices whenever they enter or leave a defined area or point of interest. According to that information, you can make mobile coupons or provide the map of the particular area with directions to your listings and open houses. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Realtors Should Have a Personal Mobile App

5 Reasons Why Realtors Should Have a Personal Mobile App

App Amy Mobile Application Marketing Group continuing series of 99 Mobile Lead Generating tools that will skyrocket your career to the next level. Our series is designed to bring you simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in any market.

Why do Realtors® and small businesses need a personal mobile app? Though this question may seem silly if you already have an app and are aware of amazing things that an app can do for your business. There are many small business owners who haven’t discovered how a mobile app can benefit their business.

According to an article written in Technology Advice, Realtors® and small businesses that have launched their own person mobile apps have reported their app has improved customer service, increased sales, raise retention, strengthens their brand and strengthens their competitive positioning with other Realtors that are already using a personal mobile app in their business. Here is how these 5 reasons can boost your business:

  1. Improve Customer Service

Customers increasingly expect to be active participants with their agent. An easy way to allow for this exchange is through a mobile app. The use of a mobile application feedback form increases customer interaction with the realtor. Mobile apps allow the user to provide feedback and/or a chat feature via the app, provide an opportunity to have a more personal exchange with your customer. For those companies new to the idea of mobile apps, think of mobile app feedback as the equivalent to live-chat on your website. It allows you to gather feedback, solve problems, and develop relationships that are more meaningful. A personal mobile app provides an immediate opportunity for your customer to open a direct two-way line of communication. The mobile app provides your client a private way to discuss both positive and negative comments, rather than publicly sharing their problem across social media. Rewarding your customers with coupons and loyalty programs through your app can prove the best way to improve customer service. Continue reading

Do Real Estate Agents Need A Personal Mobile App?

6 Important Benefits Why a Mobile App Will Increase your Business

App Amy Mobile Realtor® Marketing Group announces their Mobile App Lead Generating Tips that will raise your career to the next level. Presenting to you simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this market.

If an agent may be thinking: “is it essential to have a mobile app for the growth of my business”?  This article will be of interest.

We can all agree that your present business marketing must continually evolve to remain relevant.  The skyrocketing growth of mobile devices has mandated that our Websites be made mobile responsive. In today’s competitive world, an agent must think beyond having a mobile responsive website. A mobile responsive website does not place an agent’s name and brand on the all important Apple and Google App Stores. Today is the era when people, especially the younger crowd, are continuously using their mobile devices and mobile Apps to browse. If you aren’t there, then you will end up missing out valuable opportunities. A mobile app enables you to achieve results you simply cannot get using a mobile-friendly website alone. Once your brand is searchable in the APP stores, you will reach prospective buyers and sellers worldwide 24/7.

View live working Demos, just click here or on Amy’s image to the right

Six real benefits of creating a mobile app for your business:

  1. Boosts interest: Creating an app for your business can build an easy platform for you to showcase your listings or services to your potential customers. Your customers can get all the necessary information on one stop whenever and wherever. Updating the content of your app can give them a glimpse of the latest offer. This will actually excite your customers and show some interest to check out your regular updates.
  2. Enhances engagement and retention: Try to engage your customers with great deals or discount, offers, and incentives in real time. Using their profile information and location can help to customize your offers and make them more attractive too.
  3. Get more leads: By having a personalized App you will be discovered easily in the App Stores, 24/7 worldwide.
  4. Offers support: Often in a rush to receive and then respond to a customer inquiry, the same becomes simple when you allow App Amy to help your clients. A mobile app enables you to offer basic instructions for your customers. Creating a mobile app can ease to connect you with your customers and provide necessary information regarding your listings, open houses, price changes, etc.
  5. Ensures ease: Users wish for a fuss-free experience, whether they access your site, your app, or they do it on their PC. This will only be possible with better planning and clear vision. Your app Amy personal and customized new mobile app will be designed in such a way that it comprises what the users would prefer. Furthermore, your personal mobile app will strengthen your brand and give you a competitive edge with your clients.
  6. Increase traffic: Target buyers when they are visiting a neighborhood to boost awareness for your listings.


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