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How to Win More Listings Using the 5 Step Process

How to Win More Listings Using a Simple 5 Step Process

The App Amy Agent Mobile Marketing Group offers you a series of 99 Mobile Lead Generating tools that are going to skyrocket your career to the next level. Presenting to you simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this hot market.

Learn how to WOW your customer on your listing appointment and generate more referrals.
In this report, we are going to cover the 5-Step Listing Appointment on your iPad or mobile device that The Paperless Agent has proven to get you more listings! We’ll detail which apps you are going to use in these five steps, as well as how you’re going to use them.

Step 1: Asking Questions
Apps: Evernote

Paperless Agent, suggests that a common incident when going on a listing appointment is being greeted with “Welcome!
Can I give you a tour of my home?” as soon as you knock on the door.
It is very natural for us as realtors to say “Yes” out of instinctive
courtesy. Unfortunately, what this means when this happens is the customer is in control of the appointment.

Instead of just saying “Yes” immediately, a possible alternative is…Continue reading

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