Mobile Searches Now Account for More than 60% of All Google Searches. What This Means to Realtors®

Mobile Searches Now Account for More than 60% of All Google Searches. What This Means to Realtors®

Most realtors are aware that their website must be mobile responsive. However, we have found that most realtors are not clear why. In one word, the reason is Mobilegeddon: If you would like to understand the benefits of a mobile responsive site, read this short article.

The amazing stellar growth and success of mobile devices and their use, is the primary reason that it is imperative that realtors understand how Google’s new algorithm directly impacts their website results, Mobile searches have clearly far outgrown desktop searches in recent times. According to Google, over 60% of all Google searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Moreover, the new Google algorithm, Mobilegeddon, is devised such that it gives a higher rank to mobile-friendly websites. Thus, a mobile phone has now become a crucial medium for marketing your business and capture more leads necessary to grow your business.

To stay current and relevant it is imperative that a realtor needs to embrace the changes necessary to leverage Google’s new algorithm, Mobilegeddon. What exactly should a realtor change to leverage Google’s new search algorithm? 

Responsive Websites

With this new Google update, optimizing for mobile phones is no longer a matter of choice, it is an absolute necessity. It is imperative that realtors need to have responsive websites, or else, you will watch your web traffic diminish, perhaps much more quickly than you can imagine. This can be directly attributed to the strength and success of Google searches.

Mobile Focused SEO  

1.    Keywords: it is vital that Realtors and all businesses must use precise SEO practices that are based on mobile searches. For instance, the keywords that you use in your Meta titles and Meta descriptions need to be more clear and focused, as mobile searches tend to be more specific, short and crisp.

A spokesperson from Google said, “With Google searches on mobile device, users expect to get the most relevant and timely results, irrespective of the fact that information is on mobile-friendly web pages or mobile apps.”

2.    A second and equally important mobile strategy that works alongside SEO and responsive websites is mobile apps. Having a mobile app makes it easier for the user to get all the information about you and your business in one place. It has a great potential for being one of the most important mobile marketing tools for your business.

Of course, other strategies that can be implemented will enhance positive results by adhering to Google’s new algorithm. This article was written to build your awareness of the importance to comply with Google’s current search and ranking criteria. Call today to discuss the benefits on how App Amy can help you take advantage of Google’s organic SEO search algorithms.

William Kedersha

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