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8 Ways to increase your client base

8 sure ways to increase your client base.

By Brian Kedersha

We can all agree that every big or small business ranging from barbershops, lawyers, dentist, doctors, real estate agents, etc., have one common goal: generate new clients or customers. Your reputation and marketing ability will be one of the strongest building blocks and foundations to growing your business. A mobile app will achieve this goal.

For example, placing yourself as an expert in the market, mixing passive, active marketing, networking, and, joining industry Facebook groups and forums and creating a service page, etc. is a great way to build new clients and equally important retain present clients and customers. Mobile apps have proven to be a great way to increase general client-scoring tasks. Using your own or company mobile app is one of the simplest and easiest ways to pitch your services and bring in new clients.

The basic foundation of building a stronger and bigger customer base starts with the following eight interesting ways to win clients with your own mobile app:

1. Let your satisfied customers share your mobile app

Encourage your existing clients to share your app information with others to increase your reach. Try sending out an email or text asking your existing clients to share your mobile app with other people who may benefit from your services. Sending a link via an email, to a website has been one way to communicate your message with your client base. A newer and far more effective method to communicate with your client base is by using your own mobile app. Mobile apps are easier for your clients to quickly open and read your message and take immediate action.

2. Post testimonials improves your social credibility in your mobile app

 Video or written testimonials is the most beneficial content and information you can put on your own mobile app. By using this type of content, you can show reviews of earlier people who have used your services and enjoyed them.

3. Provide a reservations page with free opportunities

Having a reservation or an appointment page with free time to meet with you opportunities on your mobile app can help you bring in old and new clients. The strategy of providing with a contact form that tells people they receive an incentives such as free consultation for your services or perhaps the CMA will not only prompt people to send you a message, but will also provide a risk-free way for them to understand what your services are all about. For example, if you are a realtor®, you can have a contact form on your mobile app saying that people will receive a free consultation to accurately value your home.

4. Include a portfolio or gallery

 There is little or no chance that you will gain a new client unless they first become aware that you exist and your valuable services. Include a portfolio or gallery page in your app to show off your previous listings, sold homes and testimonials. This will pull potential new clients like a magnet. This strategy works for all businesses regardless of size, there is a reason why virtually every large company in existence today has a personal or company mobile app. We all know the answer it generates new business.

5. Get social through your mobile app

Link up your social media sites with your mobile app so that current customers can see your feeds through your app. This increases the opportunity for sharing your service with others if your customer likes it. Go ahead and link your Facebook, Twitter, Facebook messenger and Instagram profiles on your brand new app.

6. Get your mobile app featured in a publication

 You can tie your app with local publications into an announcement or press release, allowing your app to stay unique and different from others. Leave a link in the article that directs people to the app download page in case you want people to contact you for your services.

7. Write content and share it through your mobile app

 There may be an instance that your client has come across a cool article in your mobile app and would wish to share it with someone they know. Allow the recipients to sign up from the shared post for your mobile app and get your services.

8. Add a download link to your mobile app on your website

 Though mobile apps are popular, it is quite common for people to navigate your website online just to watch the ad or read the content. Including a link to your app on your website will help them click and download it after reading your blog post. This can be a great way to direct others attention on your business.

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