New Marketing Tool, Are You Using GPS Geofencing Notifications? If Not You Are Missing Out On a Valuable New Marketing Tool

New Marketing Tool, Are You Using GPS Geofencing Notifications?

If you have a Personal or Business Mobile App you can and should be taking advantage of this new marketing opportunity to reach your customers. It is effortless and the results will astonish you.

Building an app for Android or iPhone that delivers GPS-Geofencing based mobile coupons or immediate notifications is an effective marketing tool that will produce new business. Now App Amy gives you GPS geofencing features that can send content whenever a customer enters or leaves a pre-defined area. Furthermore, it allows anyone to create an app that can send special offers and events to customers based on their location.

You can use GPS geofencing feature and/or your new personal mobile app to easily reward your clients by using the loyalty feature. Just released, a loyalty feature that you can set up that will encourage other agents that you work with to attend open houses or show your listings.

Your customers will receive notification on their iPhone or Android devices whenever they enter or leave a defined area or point of interest. According to that information, you can make mobile coupons or provide the map of the particular area with directions to your listings and open houses. 

It is very easy to set up in less than two minutes. All you need to do is, enter the point of interest details and then choose the desired radius and enter your message for the notification. It is simple as that; everyone that enters the area that you set up will receive an alert that will be flashed on their devices once they enter the defined zone. You can add unlimited location-based notifications.

As long as a user allows their phone to detect their location, the app’ geofencing feature will automatically detect when an individual is within the radius of your listing or open house. Once your customer is within the radius of the address you established, the app prompts a notification and the user can easily request directions. Users have an added benefit that their location will be determined by a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers. Why not give your business a new competitive advantage?

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William Kedersha

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