5 Reasons Why Realtors Should Have a Personal Mobile App

5 Reasons Why Realtors Should Have a Personal Mobile App

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Why do Realtors® and small businesses need a personal mobile app? Though this question may seem silly if you already have an app and are aware of amazing things that an app can do for your business. There are many small business owners who haven’t discovered how a mobile app can benefit their business.

According to an article written in Technology Advice, Realtors® and small businesses that have launched their own person mobile apps have reported their app has improved customer service, increased sales, raise retention, strengthens their brand and strengthens their competitive positioning with other Realtors that are already using a personal mobile app in their business. Here is how these 5 reasons can boost your business:

  1. Improve Customer Service

Customers increasingly expect to be active participants with their agent. An easy way to allow for this exchange is through a mobile app. The use of a mobile application feedback form increases customer interaction with the realtor. Mobile apps allow the user to provide feedback and/or a chat feature via the app, provide an opportunity to have a more personal exchange with your customer. For those companies new to the idea of mobile apps, think of mobile app feedback as the equivalent to live-chat on your website. It allows you to gather feedback, solve problems, and develop relationships that are more meaningful. A personal mobile app provides an immediate opportunity for your customer to open a direct two-way line of communication. The mobile app provides your client a private way to discuss both positive and negative comments, rather than publicly sharing their problem across social media. Rewarding your customers with coupons and loyalty programs through your app can prove the best way to improve customer service. 

  1. Boost Sales

The next biggest reason for small businesses to get into the app game is to boost sales. Having your personal app listed In both the Apple and Android App Stores reaches new potential customers worldwide, 24/7. Providing new customers incentives to download your app, such as special offers, contests, loyalty programs and other creative incentives will also boost your sales. Your personal mobile app is an essential element of increasing sales by making you easily accessible and always on the top of the minds of your customers. As most realtors would agree, active participation in social networks has proven extremely beneficial to real estate agents. Integrating your personal mobile app with social media applications like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, will amplify your ability to reach new customers.

  1. Increase Retention

We all know the old adage, ”out of sight out of mind”. In today’s world it is hard to find any of your customers without their mobile phone either in their pocket, handbag or on their desk. The average person checks their phone around 150 times per day, according to a study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. If you are not conveniently accessible to your clients, you will likely fall into the category of ”out of sight”. Your personal mobile app places you at the fingertips of all your clients and new prospective clients.

  1. Strengthen Your Brand

Smartphones give you access to your customers in real-time to offer them consistent offers, product information and experiences across different channels. Loyalty programs incentivize high value behaviors and build real relationships to create lifetime customers. Offering your clients a mobile app that provides local and useful information, as immediate access to contact you, as well as the ability to see your listings and search active listings will keep your brand literally at your clients’ fingertips. The ability for anyone in the world to learn more about your professional services and listings simply by searching the app stores will help you strengthen your brand image and increase brand loyalty. It only takes approximately 30 seconds to install your personal mobile application on your client phone.

  1. Successfully Compete With Other Realtors

All real estate agents know who their competitors are, but the more important question is: how can an agent separate himself or herself from the competition?
One way is to use a mobile app as a marketing tool, be on the leading edge not the following. According to Eileen Kedersha, A Career Agent with One Sotheby’s International Realty, her personal and customized mobile application has given her a competitive advantage over other agents. Recently on a listing appointment the sellers selected Eileen, stating that she was the only agent that had their own personal mobile app to increase the exposure of their home. Given the affordability of a personal customized mobile application designed by App Amy, all agents can afford their own personal mobile app. Your personal mobile app will equalize the playing field with larger competitors. Mobile apps are also a means to gain visibility in particular markets. For example farming community or condo building. A recent quote taken from WhaTech Channel, “In a nutshell, we can mention that if the mobile strategy is executed properly, it not only offers a competitive edge to the real estate agents but also helps them increase ROI as a valuable asset.


As the newer generation is increasingly adopting smartphones, mobile apps are becoming popular. Cell phones and mobile applications provide an easy way to complete their work. Thus, there is nothing better than a mobile app that will facilitate all aspects of work and social activities. All the above points are such amazing advantages that will help you boost your business and achieve greater success in the market. So, are you ready to build a mobile app for your business? Contact App Amy @954-561-8200 for a free consultation. We are one of the top mobile app development companies specializing in personal mobile applications for real estate agents. App Amy personal mobile apps have been created by a husband-and-wife team that have been realtors for over 30 years.

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