The Mobile Revolution for Small Businesses

The Mobile Revolution for Small Businesses

The Mobile Industry is Exploding

According to StatCounter, the internet usage
by mobile and tablet devices exceeded desktop worldwide for the first time in late 2016. Mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of Internet usage worldwide, compared to 48.7% by desktop.

Evidently the mobile industry is booming, but even more important is that mobile apps are completely dominating the arena:

  • Apps command 86% of the average time spent on mobile
  • Time on mobile web is decreasing to an average of 22 mins/day
  • This time spent on apps equates to 2 hrs 19 mins per day
  • 52% of all time spent on digital media counts for mobile apps

This “mobile revolution” is transforming our everyday lives and the brands we touch. Mobile devices are putting power back in the hands of the customer. This transformation in business-consumer interaction has brought about compelling market opportunities, as well as some impressive stats:

  • The mobile app market is predicted to grow 270% to $189 billion by 2020
  • The mobile app industry is forecast for over 270 billion downloads in 2017
  • The App Store will hit 5 million apps by 2020, more than doubling its current size

So what has spurred this exponential growth in app demand?
The data suggests small businesses are building apps to increase sales (55%), improve customer experience (50%) and to become competitors in a specific market (50%). According to, “apps are no longer a mere branding exercise for small businesses. From simplifying online purchases to providing easy-to-access information, apps provide countless benefits for small business owners.”

History is Repeating Itself

Flashback to 1991: the first ever website was published. This first website marked the beginning of what would become a digital revolution. It took almost a decade to catch on, but by the 2000s, the internet was defined by websites. This was the era of the dot-com boom, ushering people into a new age of online entertainment and social media.
Today, almost three decades after the publication of the first website, web design has established itself as an irreplaceable component of every good marketing strategy. We cannot imagine a world without websites anymore, but it took a very long time for businesses to see the value of this new technological tool.

In a way, history is repeating itself with a new digital revolution in the making. And while the web revolution took more than a decade to catch on:

Mobile is skyrocketing to the top in a matter of years

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