Technology is Changing the Real Estate Landscape

By Thomas Oppong

The real estate industry is undergoing an overhaul and technology is one of the biggest catalysts for change. Today’s employees and purchasers are more connected and mobile than ever before, which means that a business can operate anywhere and nearly entirely virtually.

Even though telecommuting is not entirely beneficial option for every company just yet, many organizations have developed their own remote work models. The real estate industry is certainly benefitting from this as well.

Being able to have employees who conduct a fair amount of their work in the field over a cellphone can be beneficial for realtors who are looking to sell properties and need access to information quickly.

The ability to work a somewhat flexible schedule often appeals to employees looking for the right career choice, especially moms of younger children who want to be able to work from home occasionally.

Elionora Dudayeva, Founder of Chance Realty, had this to say: “I’ve been in real estate for a well over a decade and over the last ten years there has been an influx in technology that has allowed us to work remotely. The stop at the office is not necessary as often as it used to be.”

Remote working arrangements allows realtors to set up a more flexible schedule and address their clients’ needs on a schedule and time that works specifically for them.

Adaptable and innovative office designs can help facilitate impromptu team meetings too and tools like Skype or other web applications can be used to keep everyone on the same page.

The real estate industry is actually on the leading edge of technology that allows home buyers, home purchasers, and realtor to do things from their phone.

Given that this is the way most people access information already, it makes sense that you should be able to do more research and shopping right with your own device. This is becoming more and more common across other industries, too.

Technology is also minimizing the barriers between real estate owners and potential tenants. Cloud computing developments and social media lead to real time property and information that is also cost effective.

This also allows for plenty of leasing activities to occur in the online space. Updates to online systems are made instantaneously so you know as soon as something comes on or off the market so you can plan accordingly. A realtor in the know is highly valuable.

The easier capture of real estate data can also allow professionals in the industry to stay tuned to data in real time and be able to adjust to their planning around these desires.

Keeping informed can be very important and conducting business via mobile or via a Wi-Fi connection appeals to many Millennials who may be considering a career in the real estate industry.

Have you been looking for an exciting career opportunity or are you in the process of selling or buying a home and want to stay tapped in to the best technology?

The good news is that the real estate industry has kept pace with technology offerings of the times and that this is an excellent time to get involved in the industry as a realtor, seller, or buyer.

Take advantage of everything that mobile applications have to offer to make your life easier so that you can focus on other things.

Thomas Oppong


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